• Fredrik Debong

    Chief Science Officer
  • Mara Kohner

    Chief Commercial Officer
  • Sebastian Gruber

  • Bastian Fischer

    Head of Marketing & Communications
  • Anton Mladenov

    Backend Engineer
  • Sophie Rea

    Customer Concierge & Marketing
  • Adrian Tappe

    Android Engineer
  • Bernhard Vitzthum

  • Ciprian Tanta

    QA Engineer
  • Michael Birsak

    Chief Technology Officer
  • Kaique Amorim

    Brand Designer
  • Marie Czernin

    Partnership Specialist
  • Marcus Meyer

    Customer Concierge
  • Daniel Ahmadie

    Growth & CRM Specialist
  • Maximilian Möhlenkamp

    Product Owner Operations
  • Thomas Teuschler

    Management & Founder Trainee
  • Nicholas Allio

    iOS Engineer
  • Ole Spranger

    Operations and Customer Care Associate
  • Wilma Bruckner-Herradi

    Operations and Customer Care Associate
  • Daniel Gutiérrez

    Backend Engineer
  • Diana Mocanu

    Full-Stack Engineer
  • Elena Mezhova

    Product Owner
  • Keighley McFarland

    Web Engineer
  • Julia Kuchelmair

    Operations and Customer Care Assistant

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